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The gold saucer features a special currency known as GP you can win at the wonder square or the Chocobo Races. You can also exchange GP for Gil (the regular FF7 currency) from a man who stays outside the entrance tram. FF VII - Gold Saucer Uploaded by HCBailly on Nov 3, 2007. FF VII - Gold Saucer. Webmaster Comment: I love the Gold Saucer.... Good times. Final Fantasy Forever :: Final Fantasy VII :: Экипировка Gold Saucer Battle Area по высокой цене на первом диске и в два раза дешевле на 2 и 3. Choco Feather. Повышает Dexterity на 10. 10000 Gil. Магазин в Wutai или Gold Saucer Duel когда сражаетесь чтобы получить Keystone. Cursed Ring. gold saucer видео Смотреть видео

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Let's Play Final Fantasy VII Bonus Part 1 - Expert Battler ... we go over the prize catching machine and the fortune telling machine. ... Let's Play Final Fantasy VII Part 24: The Gold Saucer aka ... Cait Sith - Final Fantasy VII Characters - Caves of Narshe

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Final Fantasy 7 : Battle Arena. The Battle Square can be found at the Gold Saucer. ... you will choose a new random handicap via a slot machine. Final Fantasy VII Side Quests: Chocobo Racing and Breeding ... Information on how to catch, breed and race Chocobos including Blue, Green, Black and Gold Chocobos - part of the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough and strategy guide by ... FINAL FANTASY VII - Gold Saucer - Angelfire

Dec 9, 2015 ... How Square can still save Final Fantasy VII Remake ..... wonder if its execs aren't seeing dollar signs like a slot machine at the Golden Saucer, ...

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